Dry Friction and Wear Performance of Micro Surface Textures Generated by Ultrasonic Assisted Face Turning

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Engineering, Mechanical Department, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Iran


Nowadays the surface texturing has been widely recognized as a usable capability to improve the tribological systems. In this paper, ultrasonic assisted turning (UAT) isperformed to create the micro textures on the flat faces. Micro surface texturing ismade on the Al7075-T6 by the UAT in the face turning process. Then, the influences of cutting speed feed, vibration direction and vibration amplitudeare studied.The effects of process parameterson the friction and wear behaviors of un-textured and textured patterns areinvestigated by the full factorial method. Microscopic images demonstrate the creation of micro dimples on the surfaces.Experimental results showed that textured surfaces can decrease the average friction coefficient and wear rate. The friction coefficient of surfaces generated by the UAT processwasdecreased about 10% in comparison to surfaces generated by conventional face turning.Moreover, because of existence of micro-dimple arrays in surfaces generated by the UAT process, proportion of contact between the pins and textured surfaces reduces. Cutting speed and feed effect on both of the average friction coefficient and wear rate.By increasingofthe cutting speed, feed, vibration amplitude and vibration direction (angle), the average friction coefficient and wear reduce.