An Investigation of the Manufacturing Process, Structure, and Performance of the New Micro and Nano Thermoplastic-based Composites Prepared with Zeolite Filler

Document Type : Research Paper


Dr. Eng., Consultant in Material Science, Egypt


New nano and micro thermoplastic-based composites are prepared with zeolite filler in this study. The method involves using zeolite in powder form, the preparation of zeolite powder from ores by crushing it into small-sized granules. The characteristics of the zeolite powder are determined. The physical properties and chemical composition (XRD) are evaluated before impeding it into the thermoplastic. Thermoplastics powder is added to the zeolite powder as granules in different sizes, the particles sizes ranging from the size of a millimeter to a nanometer.  The manufacturing quality parameters are optimized at volume percentages of filler in the range of 20 to 25%, composite material is formed into molds.  New Composite material is characterized by easy deformation into different shapes besides machineability. The characteristics of new composites such as SEM, EDX, and FTIR in absorption and transmission mode are evaluated and compared with the standard characteristics of Zeolite ores. The performance and characteristics of the new composite are completely different. The new composite is hard, solid, and does not absorb water.