Prioritization of Lean-production Components with Fuzzy Network Analysis: A Case Study (Sam Electric Co.)

Document Type: Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Management, Dehaghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dehaghan, Iran

2 Ph.D. Student in Industrial Management (Subdiscipline of Financial), Dehaghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Dehaghan, Iran


The purpose of this research is to comprehend the different dimensions of the concept of lean in order to identify activities proportionate to the economic, cultural and organizational conditions in the industrial environment of the country, which regarding them, the position of the focus company was measured in the direction movement of leaning. This research was conducted among 15 experts and managers of Sam Electronics Company, who were selected based on the Simple Random Sampling (SRS) method. To collect data in this research, a questionnaire was used. The effective indicators in the lean production system were ranked and evaluated after identification, utilizing the group decision-making model of the fuzzy network analysis method. The main indicators that were prioritized include; supply chain management (SCM), suppliers, timing production indicators, human resources management indicators, comprehensive quality management, and the indicators of Total Productive Maintenance. The sub-indicators of each of the primary indicators were also identified and prioritized, and according to the results of the research, necessary suggestions were made to move towards leaning and investment improving for each of the indicators.