Design and Construction of Electromechanical Wrist Hand Orthosis with a Functional Interface


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Najafabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, Najafabad, Iran


Electromechanical wrist hand orthosis1 is used under different conditions. It can be used for stability purposes for a wide range of wrist movements. Do not bend the joints or prevent excessive propagation. The materials used include low-temperature2 thermoplastic metal and thermoplastic sheets. To move the orthosis, a servomotor is used to move the wrist, which is controlled by the user interface. Instead of expensive fittings, a simple aluminum watch joint has been used to make it. To produce EWHO, first, the orthosis was designed by Inventor software. Depending on the wrist force, which is tolerable to the hand, this amount of force is analyzed on the sheets used in Abaqus software and Inverter software and analyzed for stress and ultimate stress. A Bluetooth board controls the movements of the wrist according to the user's command in the app depending on the type of user on the mobile or computer. The person or companion beside the person can help him or her to adjust the orthosis. Depending on one's disability, the orthosis can be adjusted to varying degrees and lead to one's recovery.The goal of this orthosis is to help patients with functional impairment in the wrist. Any type of functional disorder in his or her hand can result in the loss of individual independence and thus a threat to his or her social independence.