Colloids: Applications and Remaining Challenges

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Azad University of Tabriz, Tabriz Northern Bypass Expy, East Azerbaijan, Iran


Using of colloids and polymeric microparticles are gradually increasing. It is observed that the positive effects of particles stems in both traditional applications such as column pickings, coatings and paints to more recent technologies in diagnostics, drug delivery and optical devices are well documented. This review focuses on importance of colloids and covers their applications on three level: (1) The cell/tissue level; (2) The single device level; (3) Selfassembly. Then I state the working principles and developments in fabrication methods. Key advantages and challenges of colloids and polymeric microparticles are discussed as well. Papers reviewed in this study show that while there are practical methods to the synthesis of such particles but accurate control of anisotropy and morphology that is essential for specialized particles is a critical problem. Therefore, a new approach is desired, which generates geometrically and chemically anisotropic particles with high throughput. In addition, this approach should be able to generate particles with complex composition, and preferably have adaptability.