Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Elastic Deformation of work rolls on the rolling force and Comparison with the Results obtained by the Slab Method during the reciprocating cold rolling

Document Type: Research Paper


Instructor, Faculty of Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Mobarakeh Branch, Mobarakeh, Iran


Cold rolling process of a major transformation in the form of sheet metal and a wide range of steel products are produced in this way. Elastic deformation during cold rolling working rollers and the inevitable increase in the rolling force. In this study, the effect of elastic deformation during cold rolling mill rollers working on the reciprocating back and forth in tandem with the presence of tensile stresses two cages will be discussed. In this system, rolling, sheet by passing between two shelves inreciprocating motion to achieve the desired final thickness (almost three passes reciprocating 2 shelves). One of the most important factors during the cold rolling process, determine the force and pressure rolling. By writing equations deformed sheet Slab Method software MATLAB, as well as a passer by reciprocating rolling process simulation software ABAQUS, force and pressure of the rolling mill for the entire process and shelves, with or without the effects of disruption flat work rollers were calculated. Finally three different passes into the shelf rolled on a coil of cold rolled steel products took place. The results showed a sharp increase in the working rollers are rolling in the flat disruption.