Investigation of the Model of Microscopic Contact Parameters for Grinding M200 Using Elastic Abrasive Tool

Document Type: Research Paper


Department of Mechanical and Material, Lenjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran


In this study; utilizing the elastic matrix ball has higher processing efficiency and better superficial quality than traditionalgrinding. The diversity of elastic abrasive tool characteristics contact with bend surface results in irregular wear abrasion,and abrasive tool machining status gets complicated. There is no theoretical interpretation of parameters affecting the grinding accuracy. Because of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics of M200 material, it is often used as a material in aerospace precision components. In the study, grinding and polishing experiments has been carried out by using material of M200 to theoretically show the relationship between stress magnitude and grinding efficiency, and to predict the optimal combination of grinding parameters for effective grinding. Just in order to achieve the high abrasion resistance features of M200, the micro-contact of elastic ball abrasive tool (Whetstone) was analyzed, mathematical methods were used todeduce the functional relationship between residual peak removal rate and the main parameters which impact the grinding accuracy on the plane case. Thus they lay the foundation for the study of elastic abrasiveprediction and compensation.