Number of Articles: 178
26. بررسی عددی توزیع ضخامت در فرآیند هیدروفرمینگ گرم لوله‌های آلومینیومی

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 1389, Pages 3-8

حسن مسلمی نائینی; غلامحسین لیاقت; سیدجلال هاشمی قیری; فرزاد رحمنی

28. بررسی تجربی نیروهای برشی در فرآیند فرزکاری به‌کمک ارتعاش اولتراسونیک

Volume 1, Issue 3, Summer 1389, Pages 3-8

محمد مهدی ابوترابی زارچی; پرویز سروی; محمدرضا رازفر; امیر عبدالله

29. Using Rubber Pad Forming Process for Local Compression in Assembling of Vehicle Structure Tubes

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2013, Pages 15-22

Meysam Darvishi; Mohammad Sedighi; Mehrdad Khandaie

32. Micro Machining of AISI 440C Stainless Steel using Magnetic Field and Magnetic Abrasive Particles

Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2014, Pages 17-26

Yahya Choopani; Mohammad Reza Razfar

34. A New Temper Rolling Force Model for Dry Thick Strip Considering Fully Elastic Contact

Volume 3, Issue 4, Autumn 2014, Pages 25-32

Pedram Farhadipour; Mohammad Heydari Vini; Sayed Mohammad Reza Loghmanian

36. Machinability evaluation of Titanium alloy in Laser Assisted Turning

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2013, Pages 11-18

Kamran Puladsaz; Razavi Shojae Rezavi; Mehdi Tajaddara

37. Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Tire Rubber Particles toward Constant Development

Volume 2, Issue 4, Autumn 2013, Pages 13-20

Hasan Sousani; Amir Mahmoudzadeh

40. Computer Aided Design of the Tube Hydroforming and Dual Hydroforming Processes

Volume 4, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 15-28

Javad Shahbazi Karami; Gholamhasan Payganeh; Hamid Rakhodaei

41. Investigating the Effect of Titanium Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Ni-Hard 4 Cast Iron

Volume 5, Issue 1, Winter 2016, Pages 17-27

Masoud Bahrami Alamdarlo; Kamran Amini; Vahid Nemati Najafabadi; Mahyar Mohammadnezhad

43. Evaluation of Damage Problems in the Water Pump Components of an Air Compressor Cooling System: a Case Study

Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Pages 13-21

Moslem Tayebi; Hesam Moghadasi; Davood Rahmatabadi; Enayatolah Mohemi; Ramin Hashemi

47. Numerical/Experimental Analysis of the Deformation of Tubes under Concentrated Load

Volume 6, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Pages 35-46

Javad Jafari Fesharaki; Omid Rejali; Seyed Ghasem Madani

48. Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Investigation on the Conventional and Vibration Assisted Drilling

Volume 6, Issue 4, Autumn 2017, Pages 23-33

Mehdi Nosouhi; Reza Nosouhi; Hossein Paktinat; Saeid Amini

49. Manufacturing of Aluminum Thin Cylindrical Parts By Using Friction Stir Welding Method

Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2018, Pages 21-28

Ahmad Reza Sabet; Hamid Montazerolghaem

50. A Heuristic Approach for Optimization of Gearbox Dimension

Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 17-39

Mehrdad Hosseiniasl; Javad Jafari Fesharaki